In-Kind Donations

Donate goods, materials and services

Habitat’s work in the community is often supported by in-kind gifts – donations of goods, materials or services the organization would otherwise need to purchase. In-kind donations are made much like a financial donation – you will receive recognition as a donor and the value of the good or service you provide will be tax-deductible. In-kind gifts provide you the opportunity to share your skills, assets, or services with Habitat Gaston and receive valuable publicity in exchange for your gift.

Typical In-Kind Donations:

  • Subcontractor services
  • Building materials
  • Construction equipment/materials
  • Land or homes
  • Trailers or trucks for hauling building equipment
  • Food/drinks for volunteers or special events
  • Prizes for special events or auctions
  • Event space
  • Office supplies
  • ReStore Donations.

Habitat of Gaston County is always in need of assistance from its invaluable partners in the community. If you have an in-kind donation that you are interested in contributing, please contact us at 704-864-6536.