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Mayan Chortí Project In Honduras

Habitat for Humanity of Gaston County has been involved in the Honduras project since 2006. This project was inspired by Don Warren, a former board member. The housing conditions in Honduras are aesthetically deplorable. In addition, the “assassin bug” lives in the traditional mud walls, dirt floors, and thatched roofs and causes an illness known as Mal de Chagas. Inside most of the homes, there is no ventilation for cooking. The smoke and soot which is then inhaled by the inhabitants and lead to serious respiratory illnesses. Most of the Chorti Indian families earn less than $300 per year.

  • Our tithe (10% of our unrestricted funds) goes towards building and renovate the homes in the villages
  • Each home that is built in Gaston County equals two homes  built in Honduras
  • Habitat Gaston has helped to renovate over 600 houses and build 51 new houses in Honduras
  • All homes are gifted to the families in the Chortí villages and a number of new Habitat homes are  constructed under the normal Habitat Program