In 1988, a small group of concerned citizens established Habitat for Humanity of Gaston County. The first two houses were built in 1989. Since its founding, Habitat Gaston has steadily increased its building capacity.  The organization has moved from building individual homes to building blocks and has developed plans for an entire Habitat neighborhood. Habitat’s work on McArver Street and in the Parkdale Community exemplifies the impact that the organization wants to make all over the county.

Early in Habitat’s history, we began building houses in the Highland area, including Habitat’s very first and second house on Pryor Street.  In 2010 the City of Gastonia gave eleven Pryor Street lots in the Highland area to Habitat that was able to be subdivided to allow us the ability to build more homes.  We mobilized donations for three additional Pryor Street lots.  This core of 13 lots led Habitat to plan a continued revitalization project for the Highland area.  Habitat’s efforts will contribute to 32 homeowner houses in the Highland neighborhood. 

For thirty years, we have been working with the faith community, and with corporate and community partners to complete 116 homes in Gaston County: 78 in Gastonia, 19 in Belmont, 8 in Mt. Holly, 3 in Cherryville, 2 in Bessemer City, 6 in Dallas, and 2 in Lowell. Through the Habitat of Humanity International tithing program, Habitat Gaston has helped to renovate over 600 houses and build 51 new houses in Honduras.


Habitat Gaston Timeline

First two houses built

Fifteen houses built throughout Gaston County

Hired part time executive director
Searching of building for ReStore
Bryant family loaned use of building 210 S. Avon for the ReStore
First Board retreat Moved ReSale to 608 E. Second Ave 10th anniversary house
Plans to add addition to ReStore for office space
Moved office to 608 E. Second Ave – Hired first Store Manger
Parkdale Mills donated 9 tracts of land on Parkdale Ave
First Blitz Build – Gastonia Homebuilders Association
Community Garden dedicated on Parkdale Ave in Honor of Duke Kimbrell
Dedicated two 20th Anniversary houses
Relocated from a 6,400 square foot building to a 35,000 square foot building. Habitat offices and ReStore located at 1840  E. Franklin Blvd
Dedicated our 100th house
Celebrated 25th anniversary
Received Cannon Foundation Grant
Opened the Johan Newcombe Event Center
Received a Publix sponsorship for a home