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Homeownership Process

 timelinehouse3Application Process

  1. Obtain application and other required documents
  2. Attend application information session, bring all required documents to the session
  3. All application paperwork must be submitted 15 DAYS after the attended session
  4. When notified that all three qualifications are met and application packet is completed the applicant will proceed to the selection process

 Selection Process

  1. Applicant will attend an interview
  2. If voted in favor the committee will conduct a home visit
  3. If voted in favor the committee will recommend the applicant for board approval

 Pre-Build Pool

  1. After approval, applicant will attend orientation into the program
  2. Begin earning first required sweat equity hours
  3. Paying off collection debt
  4. Homebuyer Education Classes

 Build Pool

  1. Required sweat equity is completed and all debts are paid
  2. A lot will be chosen 
  3. Necessary paperwork will be completed
  4. Homebuyer Education Classes

 Building For/Closing

  1. Groundbreaking Ceremony will kick-off the build
  2. Future Homeowner will attend required build days
  3. All closing cost will be paid
  4. Dedication Ceremony will occur once the home is completed
  5. Closing will occur once all sweat equity hours are completed

How to Get Started

Please click the link below to register for our upcoming Application Information Session.

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