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Lizzie & Grover - Gastonia, NCLizzie and grover


On Sunday, October 1, 2017 Lizzie Littlejohn & Grover Hardin alongside with their 3 children stood on the front steps of their new home. This home has been a life-long dream for the couple, but also a mark of a new beginning for the family. Habitat and the family would like to extend a special thanks to the volunteers on this build, and the local community restaurants for providing lunches on build days.

Lizzie & Grover both grew up in Gaston County and knew they wanted their forever home in the county. They never saw the opportunity to own their own home until a friend spoke highly of Habitat to them. The couple then chooses to apply for the program and see the potential outcome for them. Their hard work and determination kept them focused and on track to earn their home.

The couple feels extremely blessed by the program and the opportunity it has provided for them when they thought owning a home was never going to be possible for them. They are filled with gratitude and just overall thanks for this new beginning. Grover plans on spending all his free time tending to his yard and Lizzie is excited to grow with the community.

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Marianett - Gastonia, NC


22228494 1553184401409002 3873047679088490456 nOn Sunday, September 24th Marianett broke ground on her new home. Marianett was accompied by her two children and her mother on this special day. Marianett has worked beyond expectations to get to this point in the program and she was filled with joy and a grateful heart on this day. She will be receiving a three-bedroom home on Tanner St in Gastonia. This will be one of four homes that will be completed on this street. Tanner Street will mark a new era for Habitat Gaston’s neighborhood revitalization program.

Marianett’s build will be sponsored by Owens Corning, Habitat RV Care-A-Vanners, and Daimler Trucks. These groups will come with experienced builders and monetary sponsorship towards her build. We are thankful to be working alongside such hard working and caring groups and cannot wait to get this build started.


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Latoya- Gastonia, NC


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 Latoya Monroe is a mother of two beautiful daughters and these two girls are the drive and determination for Latoya. This home will offer strength, stability, and self-reliance for Latoya. Latoya has the support of her friends and family throughout this build, but also the support of GAP. She is thankful for GAP and the help they will provide in building her new home. Latoya was excited to break ground and begin the final step in this journey.